Photography by  Rach Loves Troy

Photography by Rach Loves Troy

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Photography by Lytle Foto

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Ivory & Beau


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Categories: Bridal Boutiques, Floral Design and Planning & Design

Savannah's only boutique that is much more than just bridal gowns. Offering full service wedding planning, event design and floral design, Ivory & Beau provides a unique experience for brides. Owned by two 20-somethings, Adrienna & Nicole, who are passionate about all things wedding and not just boring stuffy weddings but unique, personalized, fun, beautiful, quirky weddings. 

Ivory & Beau specializes in the whimsical, bohemian, unique bride who wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day in a dress that doesn't wear her but rather one that lets her personality shine. Our wedding style can be described as refreshing, modern, fun and different. We don't plan cookie cutter weddings but rather a wedding that has the couple's personality shone throughout the elements of design. We absolutely love flowers for days and flowers that are big, fluffy, textured, wild and organic. 

What is your favorite thing about Savannah weddings?

While they may take place in a historic romantic southern city, we love getting to help creative and artistic couples bring their wedding to life in a new and unique way. 

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