5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Meaningful


Hello, my friends! I’m Lindsey, a wedding and anniversary photographer for heartfelt couples, and I’m thrilled to be joining you today with some sweet ideas to make your wedding personal and meaningful.

As a newly engaged bride, I remember being exactly where you are…you’re planning a wedding, you’re overwhelmed with the thousands of options for everything from invitations to dinner napkins, and amongst the thousand Google searches you’ve already done, you’re wondering how you’ll ever create a wedding that is both meaningful and unique.


Personalize your ceremony.

The beautiful thing about modern weddings is the ability to honor tradition while also making the experience your own. Your ceremony is the perfect time to reflect this to your family and friends. Write your own vows to each other, choose readings that reflect your relationship and personality, or select an officiant who can tailor your ceremony uniquely to you. I’ve had brides who asked their close friend to officiate their weddings (did you know you can become a legal temporary officiant online?), planted trees together, washed each other’s feet, and another couple who took turns reading stanzas of a meaningful poem to their guests.  

Incorporate an heirloom.

It could be a grandparent’s handkerchief that you wrap around your bouquet, a piece of your mother’s wedding dress sewed into your own, or a family member’s silver platter that you use at the dessert table- heirlooms are an incredible way to incorporate heartfelt touches into your wedding day. Most family members are thrilled that you want to include their special item in your day, and because they already own them, it’s one less thing you have to purchase or budget for!


Let your wedding give back.

More and more wedding registry options are popping up that allow you to give back to a charitable organization of your choice. Whether you choose this as your entire wedding registry or just donate a percentage of your honeymoon fund, this option adds just one more layer of heart to your beautiful day. 

Pull from your history or heritage.

An amazing source of inspiration is looking to your geological roots. Whether it’s the hometown you grew up in or the country of your ancestors, a little bit of research can yield so much inspiration to be found in history. This could be a Second Line if you grew up in New Orleans, a bagpipe processional if he has Scottish roots, or a signature cocktail that matches the national drink of your heritage country.


Start with your story.

I am constantly told by brides that they don’t have an inspirational love story and every time I love to prove them wrong! Whether you met on the top of the empire state building, online, or just in a local bar, your story is beautiful and can provide endless inspiration for your wedding day. Start with the basics. Where did you meet? What time of year? Where was your first date? What did you eat or do? What are your favorite activities together? The answers to these basic questions can help guide you in making personal, meaningful choices for your wedding day. Still not sure how to take these answers and make them wedding reality? 

With a little bit of work, and mostly heart, creating a meaningful wedding day is unquestionably within your reach! Cheers to your beautiful and heartfelt wedding day, sweet bride!

Lindsey LaRue is a maxi skirt wearing, salted caramel loving, Georgia based wedding and anniversary photographer for heartfelt couples. She has a penchant for deep conversations over coffee and accidentally overwatering her houseplants. She is happiest when spending time with her husband and her constant has always been the mission to encourage and equip couples to have a wildly thriving marriage.

You can find out more on her Instagram, her newsletter, her blog, and her website.