5 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent

Need some inspiration for planning your honeymoon? Beloved Vendor, Lauren from Swoon Me Away is sharing 5 reasons why hiring a travel agent might be the smartest thing you do today! 

I like to think I had a pretty amazing honeymoon.  Really most brides probably consider their honeymoon the best of the best.  None can compare.  That is how it should be, right?

We traveled to Peter Island Resort, located on its very own private island.  This tiny dream come true is part of the Brittish Virgin Island chain.  Never heard of it?  Well neither had I until my fabulous travel agent told me about it!  It fit the bill of our dream honeymoon destination and I honestly admit I don’t think I would have found it without her.

1. Using a travel agent is free.  

Using a travel agent is free! That’s right it does not cost you a single penny.  Some travelers may not realize that travel agents are paid through commissions collected from the suppliers (hotels & resorts).  Now some may charge extra for booking special excursions or planning an itinerary.  Quite a few though will add that as a complimentary service. Shh don’t tell!

2. Hiring one can actually end up saving you some money.

Travel Agents are awesomely knowledgeable about travel deals and specials.  Hiring one can actually end up saving you some money.  Are you flexible in choosing your honeymoon destination?  Your travel agent can keep an eye out for resort sales and even booking incentives.  One step further in the right direction, travel agents can also snag some amazing wholesale room rates.  Often times a lot cheaper than booking it yourself.

3. They will deliver a shiny folder of all your organized travel plans!

Good Travel Agents will help you organize your travel plans.  Now it is very hard for me to give over control of my trip.  A few of you may be the same way.  Raise your hand if you are a list keeper, triple checker, and call-a-header!  If I shy away from using a travel agent it is typically because I’m thinking “what are they going to mess up” or “Did they really make my dinner reservation at 8pm”?  You know the thoughts…I’ll just do it better and myself!  Do some research, read the reviews, and ask around to find an awesome Travel Agent.  They do exist.  They do love what they do.  They will make your life easier.  How amazing would it be to have a shiny folder full of all your reservations, receipts, and itineraries delivered right to your door?

4. Travel Agents save you valuable time that you can spend somewhere else.

Travel Agents save you valuable time that you can spend somewhere else.  Like on your shower thank you notes or reception seating chart.  Planning a wedding is a handful.  The most fun handful you will ever have but it is still a lot of work.  Why not pass some of that work over to a travel professional?  No need to stress about the honeymoon plans.  Let your Travel Agent worry about upgrading your guest room or grabbing the most private table in the restaurant.  It’s their job and they are happy to do it!  Another perk is if something does go wrong give your agent a call to assist you.  They can help with situations like canceled reservations and delayed flights.

5. They dig up those honeymoon destinations you never knew existed.

Back to my original point, Travel Agents help dig up those honeymoon destinations you never knew existed.  It is their job to stay current on travel trends and new amazing resorts.  It is their job to travel and talk to other’s in the industry to give you REAL advice. You can share your “must have” list and they can help you find a destination that fits.  I also love getting advice on excursions and restaurants too.

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