Anniversary Session at Forsyth Park

"We love the chance to photograph other photographers that happen to be great friends! We've known Brittany a while now but only through Facebook and Instagram. We jumped at the chance to finally meet her in person! Brittany is the co-owner of one of the best photography teams in Alabama, Sweet Julep Photography! Her and husband Allen were in Savannah for a sweet anniversary trip and what better way to commemorate the trip than photos in Forsyth Park?! Together, we spent the afternoon strolling through Forsyth and historic Gaston Street." - Justin and Amanda, Photographers

From Brittany:

How did you meet?
Allen and I met playing kickball! I was forced out of my house by a friend to go have some youthful fun one night, and Allen was there helping out the same team. We caught each other's eye during the game and found a way to start a conversation afterward at the bar that sponsors the kickball organization. 

How is married life?
Married life is wonderful! WITH its challenges. After three years, we feel we've finally tackled the beginning struggles, and now we're really loving living our lives together. The beginning brought us so much closer together. Married life is a ton of fun when you're constantly working on your friendship as well! 

What's next?
Not to sound cliche...but a family! We've done a lot of traveling. I started a business two months after we got married, and it has really done so well over the past couple years. We feel we've done many of the things we wanted to do, and now that natural yearning for a family has hit us pretty hard!

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