Charming Savannah Engagement at Wormsloe Plantation

Brianna and Myles are truly a real-life Nicholas Sparks couple! These two have an unending love for each other. During the session, these love birds would just not stop being so darn sweet to each other. The two are set to wed next year here in Savannah, Georgia and Beloved Vendor, The Happy Boom, took advantage of the final days of Summer with a sun drenched engagement session at Historic Wormsloe Plantation. 

How They Met

Brianna: We are both from Carrollton, Georgia so we have known each other since high school. We were friends for a few years before we finally starting dating while both in undergrad at Auburn University! We don't have any extravagant or dramatic story about how we met; we just kind of eased into a relationship 5 years ago and have been together ever since! 

What They Love Most

Brianna: I love how Myles is always there for me and is always willing to take care of me--even when I sometimes don't deserve it!

Myles: What I love most about Brianna is how kindhearted she is.

The Proposal

Brianna: We had been dating for 5 years, so I knew a proposal was coming, but boy was I getting impatient! 

At the end of February, Myles had to go to Portugal for a week for his MBA program; he also said that the week after Portugal, he would have to go to D.C. also for school. But for some reason, he insisted on flying back to Atlanta for one night in between Portugal and D.C. rather than just flying directly to D.C. from Portugal. Naturally, I was suspicious that he was up to something. By the time the trips rolled around, I was confident he was going to Portugal, but I was definitely doubting whether he was actually going to D.C.

While he was in Portugal, his sister gave birth to twins! He was really upset he was out of the country when they were born, so he wanted to go see the twins right after he got back form Portugal, but "before he had to go to D.C." His brother (a sophomore at Auburn) also wanted to go see the twins, but he was having car trouble, so Myles said we would have to swing through Auburn to pick him up. Coincidentally, my parents had also decided to take my cousin (who also goes to Auburn) out to dinner that same night, so they planned to ride down there anyway. We decided that I would ride with my parents to Auburn and meet up with Myles before we picked up his brother and drove to his sister's house. Considering I was already convinced he was lying about going to D.C., the fact that we were going to Auburn made me even more suspicious! 

The day we were supposed to go to Auburn finally rolled around, and I was unbelievably nervous! I had a feeling he was going to propose, but I wasn't sure because after all, he had just flown 12 hours from Portugal and would probably be suffering from major jet-lag! Plus, how would he get the ring?! 

When my parents and I got to Auburn, I called Myles to see how close he was. Of course, he said he was running super late because of customs and wouldn't be there for at least 30 more minutes. Two minutes later, Myles accidentally drove RIGHT PAST me and my parents. He ducked his head, but we both knew I saw him. I didn't say anything, though, because clearly he was up to something and I didn't want to spoil his plan. Thirty minutes later, we met up, and he said his brother wasn't ready to leave yet so we would have to stall. He suggested we go to Toomer's Corner and walk around. 

We parked downtown, walked to campus, and he proposed in front of Samford Hall! (FINALLY!!) Sarah and her husband from Simply Sarah Photography were there to capture the sweet moment, and after, we walked all over campus taking pictures! Turns out, he had no plans to go to D.C., and instead he planned a mini vacation for us in Auburn and Atlanta for the next few days!

Even though I was beyond ready for him to propose and was getting impatient, I am so glad he waited and proposed in the way he did because it was perfect!

Savannah Wedding Vendors: PHOTOGRAPHY The Happy Bloom | VENUE Wormsloe Plantation