Destination Military Wedding on Hilton Head Island

Today's gorgeous military wedding on Hilton Head Island boasts a subtle color pallet, simple details and the sweetest couple! When we asked Kirsten to describe her wedding day in one sentence she said, "Our wedding day was the most beautiful, fun and magnificent way to celebrate our love alongside all of our favorite people." Swoon! We are delighted Ryan and Alyssa sent this adorable duo our way. Continue reading to learn how Kirsten and Adam met and what they're enjoying most about marriage!

Tell us your story!
Adam and I met in Birmingham, Ala. - I had just finished college at UAB and Adam was working in Birmingham after college prior to his ship date for Marine Corps Boot Camp. One of my friends from college was a childhood friend of Adam's and he invited us both to play on an adult kickball team - that same friend was the best man at our wedding! :) We dated for about 6 months before he left for Boot Camp, where it was all letter writing for three months - no phone communication at all! He had 10 days off before he left again for two months during Infantry School. I visited him for his graduation and that's when he proposed! I ended up moving up to North Carolina (where he was stationed) shortly after.

How did you prepare for marriage?
Obviously military relationships and marriages pose some different obstacles, so we prepared for marriage getting 'comfortable' a lot of these! This included Adam being gone for months at a time, having an irregular and unknown schedule, etc. We tried to make the best of these 'negatives' by making sure we were loving and appreciating each other extra hard during the times that we did get to spend together. They say that if you're doing it right, you should feel like you're in the honeymoon phase for the rest of your life, so we seek to achieve that in our marriage.

What is your favorite thing about being married?
Our favorite thing about being married is getting having somebody with whom to share and enjoy every aspect of life, whether it be the exciting adventures or mundane tasks. Sometimes we will be watching TV on a Sunday night or cooking dinner together or even paying the mortgage, and we will just be like "we're doing it. we're married and it's awesome." Being comfortable and happy doing even the littlest things like that as a pair is something that makes marriage so wonderful.

Wedding Vendors: Photography: Ryan and Alyssa Photography | Dress Boutique: Carrie’s Bridal Collection | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Bride’s Jewelry: Rent the Runway | Cake: Lowcountry Flour Girls | Caterer: Moss Creek Plantation | DJ: Stephen Manning | Florals: Groom's | Groom’s Apparel: U.S.M.C. | Invitations: Couture Press | Makeup and Hair Artist: Royal Makeup & Hair | Officiant: Pastor Richard Allen | Venue: Moss Creek Plantation | Wedding Coordinator: Jim O’Connor