How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session


Today, our friends at Lyndi. J Photography are sharing their best tips to dressing for your engagement session!

Engagement sessions are one of our favorite times we get to spend with our couples.  It’s such a relaxing, fun time!  On the wedding day, everything is very structured.  We’re going to be taking very specific photos at very specific times of the day.  But an engagement session is completely the opposite of that!  We get to all hang out, have fun and get to know each other while taking beautiful photos.

So while we’re having so much fun, why not take the time to get all dolled up for these photos, too?  When planning your engagement, sometimes the most difficult part can be trying to pick out what you’re going to wear and how to get ready.  Way too many decisions!  Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your session:

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.  Confidence does not come easy to most of us, we completely get that!  But we also know that wearing something that makes you feel beautiful gives you that added boost of confidence just by itself.  Do you have a dress that you feel fabulous in?  High heels that you know make your legs look amazing?  Wear them and wear them with confidence!

Dress it up.  We love a seeing little bit of glamour in photos and that starts with an amazing outfit!  Break out the heels and bow ties and just have fun with it.  Your engagement session could be a great reason to go out and buy a new little black dress or a blush tulle skirt!

Add layers and accessorize.  We shoot so many of our engagement sessions in the fall/winter months which is a perfect time of year to wear layers.  Bring long an extra petticoat and scarves to add another look to the same outfit.  Does your fiance have a dress watch that he loves?  Bring it!

Have your ring cleaned.  The most important accessory you can wear is your engagement ring!  Most likely, your photographer will be capturing closeups of your ring, so make sure to have it cleaned before your session.  Even if you don’t have time to make it to the jeweler to have it professionally cleaned, a little bit of toothpaste goes a long way!

Dress to compliment each other, not to match.  Your engagement photos are an opportunity to showcase your personality and no two personalities are the same.  So you and your fiance shouldn’t arrive to your session wearing matching outfits, but rather try to compliment each other instead.  Wear colors that blend well together – blush and navy, red and gray, coral and brown.

Have your makeup professionally done.  Consider having your wedding day makeup trial on the day of your engagement session.  Not only will you feel amazing having been pampered that day, but you’ll get to see how your makeup photographs!  That gives you the option to discuss any changes with your makeup artist before the wedding day.

Include your pet!  Your little babies are a huge part of your family and it makes perfect sense why you’d want to include them.  Who doesn’t love a furry companion in photos?

Bring props.  We are regularly asked “what should we bring?” and unfortunately we don’t have a straightforward answer to this question.  These photos are all about showcasing the love you have between each other, so we can shoot an entire session easily without props simply because of how beautiful your love is to photograph.  But if you’re interested in including props, we won’t discourage you!  The best advice we can offer is to bring props that are both relevant and personal.  While wine and wine glasses can be an adorable prop, if you and your fiance don't drink wine, it won't make sense to include them.  

Leave your self-consciousness at home.  Last but most importantly, be confident.  You are beautiful.  You are incredible.  It is your photographers job to translate that into your photos.  So leave the work to us and let yourself go just for a few hours.  It will so be worth it.

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