Lowcountry Couple | Blake & Jenna

 Brandon Lata Photography

Brandon Lata Photography

The couple: Blake and Jenna

How many years have you been married? We will be married 3 years in April. We were married on April 27th, 2013. 

Where do you live? We bought our first fixer upper in May of 2014. It's a 1957 ranch style home in Isle of Hope so we spend a lot of our free time fixin' her up! Definitely one of my passions in particular! Working on our house has definitely taught us a lot about one another and ourselves. We've learned the ways each of us come at a project, our individual strengths and how much we can accomplish working together. Also, undoubtedly you learn about compromise. From picking out furniture to back-splash style, we've learned (and are continuously learning) you may have to give and take to find the best option! 

Do you have kids? We don't have any kids yet but are just starting to try, which is definitely an exciting time. We are trusting that God's Will will be done in our lives and that His timing is best. 

Tell us a little about yourselves. I love doing anything creative, dressing up for themed parties, any activities with my family, and have a pretty big fear of missing out (FOMO) haha. In addition to running my own small business, I work 3 days a week as my mother's care-giver. She was diagnosed with several illnesses one of which being Dementia in 2010, so it's an honor to take care of her and spend as much time as possible with her while I can.

Blake moved to Savannah from his hometown in North Mississippi after college. He is extremely hard working, down to earth and loves to clean (I know, I'm a blessed wife)! He majored in criminal justice at Ole Miss and wanted to work in that field but graciously found a job here locally that wouldn't have a chance of relocation since I needed to live here and care for my mom. He currently works as an contract administrator for National Sugar Marketing. He enjoys spending any free time loving on our 7 year old Chocolate Lab, Jude. 

Tell us your love story. Blake and I met while attending the University of Mississippi. He was a sophomore living in the Sigma Nu Fraternity house, while I was a freshman. Since Blake’s roommate and mine were hometown friends, we were thrown together in several social events. The first night we were together at a Sigma Nu party was naturally full of dancing! We exchanged numbers and went on a dinner date later that week and have been together since.  

Blake had asked my parents for permission and showed them the ring he had chosen in October, on one of their trips to Oxford. After they said "yes!" Blake began to plan away! In January, Blake went on a trip with my parents, and me to my favorite place Disney World. The first day, we went to Magic Kingdom. My dad suggested that the photographer take a photo of all four of us and then later just Blake and me. As the photographer got ready to take a picture of just the two of us, my dad whispered to photographer that Blake was about to propose just so she could be ready! Blake got down on one knee in front of Cinderella's castle and asked me to marry him, to which I said "YES!" He was sure to include two of my biggest passions; her family and pictures making it the perfect day and a fairy tale proposal! 

How did you prepare for marriage? We are a pretty traditional couple which actually seems to be strange to some these days! To both of us, our Christian faith means a lot, so it was important to me that we wait until our wedding night to be with one another. I knew that if a man could take that off the table and still be interested in getting to know me, he was a keeper. I know this might not be for everyone but it was important to me to have that foundation from the start. We lived with my parents while we were engaged and also for a short while when we were married, before we moved into our house. Also, not for everyone but that taught us a lot about sacrifice and the importance of family. We talked with my cousin (he officiated our wedding) and his wife about tips and things that they've learned in their marriage and that was great but mostly we just learned as we went along! 

Describe your wedding day in one sentence. Southern romance with a big rustic charm. 

 Brandon Lata Photography

Brandon Lata Photography

 Brandon Lata Photography

Brandon Lata Photography

 Brandon Lata Photography

Brandon Lata Photography

What is your favorite thing about being married? The stability and trust that comes from your spouse. With the ups and downs that come with day to day life it is so refreshing to have that constant in your life that you can count on and confide in! 

What are your favorite pieces from your registry? My grandmother passed down her China to me so I didn't have to register for that but it's definitely something I cherish! I'm not very great in the kitchen because I'm a pretty picky eater (sorry Blake) but I love to bake, so probably my Aqua blue kitchenaid mixer! Blake would say our Green Egg grill! This wasn't on our registry but we definitely should have added it; our Roomba! We just got one for Christmas and it's changed our lives! (Note to you brides out there!) 

How do you celebrate your love? In every day ways. Surprising me with my favorite dessert, surprising him with blowing the leaves off the roof for him; little ways to show that you care and were thinking of them. We enjoy spending quality time with one another whether that's biking, kayaking or walking around downtown to a new coffee shop each weekend. 

How do you make your house a home? Combining comfort with style. My design style is farmhouse chic where Blake's is clean and modern so we try to give and take.  We have open shelving in the kitchen with clear and white dishes that leave a clean and crisp feel but also a farm table and gallery wall that make things a little less orderly. I'm a photo girl, so we have photos of us and family all over which definitely gives us a homey feel. Also coming home to a playful, happy Jude after a long day at work definitely feels like home! 

Tell us how you balance career and marriage. Blake is a lot better at this than I am. He tries to limit emails to just work hours and only deal with work issues when he's "on the clock". I try my best to only work on my wedding items on week days so I can spend my free time with Blake without distraction but sometimes if I'm really busy I'll have to work a little late at night or on the weekend. Also, helping with my mom keeps me late some nights but since that's out of my hands it helps tremendously that Blake is understanding about it and chooses to hit them gym or busy himself around the house until I make it home. It's not always perfect but being understanding and helping each other with their work whenever possible is my biggest suggestion on balancing the two. 

Tell us how you’ve overcome challenges in your marriage. We've learned were not great at communication so that's an area we're working on! The challenges we've had, we try to be understanding and think of solutions together or just be the shoulder to cry on when needed. I would say the biggest thing that helps is staying strong in our faith and praying about the issue at hand.   

Tell us one way you love on and serve your spouse. I try to keep him laughing! Blake is what he calls a "realist" so I try to keep him up and happy to counteract his daily worries!  Blake shows love in many ways but providing for us as head of the household is big to me. I never have to worry that the bills are in on time, student loans are paid or that our savings are being managed. Blake is so great at being organized and dependable. He's also great at noticing when I'm stressed with work so he'll grab the groceries or help around the house so I don't have to give it another thought. 

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