Lowcountry Couple | Casey & Monica

 Carolina Photosmith

Carolina Photosmith

The couple: Casey and Monica

How many years have you been married? We’ve been married since April 2011. 

Where do you live? We live in Sea Island, GA

Do you have kids? Just two English Springer Spaniel pups.

Tell us a little about yourselves. My husband works as the Vice President of Operations at Sea Island Company. He’s always worked in the hospitality industry — it’s his true passion. He’s lucky to have found his calling at an early age. I’m the founder and creative director for Lavin Label and I’m also a contributor for Southern Living’s The Daily South. I love to be creative + artsy!

Tell us your love story. We both lived in Charleston when we first met. I went to the Charleston Grill to meet with the general manager, Mickey Baskt to discuss ways to get more involved in the community. (Mickey is super philanthropical). Casey was there for another meeting to start Gourmet and Grapes, a fundraiser with Hollings Cancer Society and the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. Mickey told me about a guy that was there that I should meet — and so we did. We shared a glass of wine near the bar and talked for most of the night. 

How did you prepare for marriage? We met numerous times with the Rector at St. Philips Church in Charleston, SC to learn about the vows that we were not only saying to each other but also to God. We didn’t stress about the wedding, either. We knew that we were in good hands at The Sanctuary and we really tried our best to have a fun + memorable engagement. 

Describe your wedding day in one sentence. Best. Day. Ever. 

 Carolina Photosmith

Carolina Photosmith

 Carolina Photosmith

Carolina Photosmith

What is your favorite thing about being married? I love his family. I just have one older sister but Casey is one of 8 children so I immediately got blessed with a large family over night. Casey is a very thoughtful + caring guy so spending my days with him is easy :) Let’s just say that I got lucky.

What are your favorite pieces from your registry? We both really like to cook and entertain — so our silver, pots and pans and dishes are our favs, I’d say.

How do you celebrate your love? We definitely have date nights to make sure that we take some time for ourselves and we love to travel. We try to getaway at least once a month if not more — even if it’s just a day trip to Savannah. We try to break our normal routine.

How do you make your house a home? We love to host parties and invite friends + family over for dinner. Our pups also make our house a home! 

Tell us how you balance career and marriage. We make time every day for each other through cooking, conversation, etc. It’s the little things for us.

Tell us how you’ve overcome challenges in your marriage. Through God, patience, and communication. 

Tell us one way you love on and serve your spouse. I give him encouragement and support. I take time out of my schedule to make sure that I’m helping him — bringing lunch to work, dropping off his dry cleaning or planning a fun date night.

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