Lowcountry Couple: Drew & Frank

 Lauren Jonas Photography

Lauren Jonas Photography

The couple: Drew Pond & Frank Manipole

How many years have you been married? Just married! 

Where do you live? Johns Island, SC

Do you have kids? No

Tell us a little about yourselves. Drew is originally from Maine and loves everything about New England (minus the snow!). He is a wedding videographer in Charleston, SC and loves everything about his work. Frank is originally from Pittsburgh and now runs his own architectural design company. We prefer to spend our "off time" doing at-home projects (we are total homebodies!) and playing with our dogs, Jax & Finn!

Tell us your love story. We met in June of 2009 while we were both living in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met, by random, at a mutual friend's barbecue. Drew almost didn't end up attending (luckily he did!). We went on our first date just a few short days later and were inseparable for the remainder of the summer. Just a few weeks later, Drew was forced to transfer to Atlanta for his job and the status of their relationship was in limbo because of this. Drew made the move to Atlanta and Frank would try to visit as much as possible. About a month later, knowing this relationship was still fresh, Frank made a leap of faith and decided to follow and the rest is history.

How did you prepare for marriage? We just took our time. There was no pressure from either of us to get married and we actually ended up dating for 6.5 years before deciding to the make the ultimate commitment. Spending that amount of time together prepared us for the future together and ensured it was the right decision for us both.

Describe your wedding day in one sentence. Our wedding day was filled with so much love and unexpected emotions that we'll never forget.

  Lauren Jonas Photography

Lauren Jonas Photography

What is your favorite thing about being married? Knowing that we have each found the one, for life, and building a future together.

What are your favorite pieces from your registry? Because our wedding was smaller (we just invited our immediate families) we decided not to register. All of our guests were traveling from afar, so their presence on our big day was all we asked for.

How do you celebrate your love? It's the little things we do for another--that is celebration enough for our relationship. The way we can make each other laugh uncontrollably, our weird senses of humor and things we do for one another on a daily basis.

How do you make your house a home? By surrounding our home with things that have meaning to us. Photos of family, decor made by family members, pieces collected along the way throughout our different adventures. 

Tell us how you balance career and marriage. Fortunately for us, we both run our own businesses and so we are home together 90% of the time. Some couples may think that would be a detriment, but it works for us. We love to be together, therefore there really isn't much 'balance' needed. It just comes naturally. We give one another our space when we need to work, check in with one another throughout the day and then spend our evenings winding down and relaxing with each other.

Tell us how you've overcome challenges in your marriage. We have learned the best way to overcome challenges is through immediate communication. We don't let things fester. Not only do we look at each other as spouses, but as best friends, so we try to work through any issues and be over them and behind us asap.

Tell us one way you love on and serve your spouse. Frank knows the way to Drew's heart is through his stomach! He cooks amazing meals on a regular basis and we rarely eat out because of it. On the flip side, Drew loves to cook for Frank from time to time (to give him a break!)  :-)

 Lauren Jonas Photography

Lauren Jonas Photography