Lowcountry Couple | Katelyn & Chris

You may recognize today's precious couple from this date night feature at Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar captured by Molly at The Red Fly Studio a few weeks back. Today, they're sharing a bit about life, marriage and how they serve one another! Katelyn and Chris are the sweetest and their marriage is truly inspirational. The way Chris describes his beautiful wife might be one of the sweetest things I've ever read! 

The couple: Chris and Katelyn Finnegan

How many years have you been married? 6 years this July

Where do you live? Ellabell, Georgia

Do you have kids? No

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Chris is the Operations Manager at Bass Pro Shops in Savannah. He is an outdoorsman at heart and has a million hobbies. He loves to fish, play golf, go hunting, travel, and really experience any adventure. He is a family man and spends his time with both his family and mine when he can. He is a hard worker and has the personality that can get along with anyone. 

Katelyn is a full time teacher in Bryan County. She has taught for 8 years and runs her photography business on the side. She loves spending time with family and building relationships with friends. She loves time relaxing at home, but also loves a great travel experience. 

Tell us your love story. We have known each other since we were in grade school, but didn’t truly get to know each other until Chris’s senior year of high school. We were both teacher’s kids and went to the same church but rarely ran in the same circles. We took a yearbook class together in 2002 and ended up working on a project together. We hit it off as friends and even talked about trying to set Chris up with a friend of mine. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas break we began talking a lot more. Something was just so right and so comfortable.

We went on a few double dates and then things just moved into dating so smoothly. I don’t think there was any anxiety, or stress about what was to come of our relationship at that point. We were young and easily in love. I knew there was something different about our relationship, because I knew very simply that we would be together forever. I think it worried us more that it was so easy, that maybe we were missing something. At that point in my life, I was very timid about things and much of a home body. Chris had me out and about, on little adventures that made life so much more interesting.

After 6 months, Chris went to college at Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) and I had a fantastic senior year, doing all the things that Senior year was about. We spent my first year of college working in Savannah and going to college together, then we both moved to GSU for the rest of our college career. Chris went into Marketing and Business and I followed my path to teaching. We moved through our relationship with many trials and moments of wonder. We had only truly dated each other and these were the years in our life where we were supposed to be finding ourselves and discovering our personal identities. During some time apart, we both unknowingly signed up for the same study abroad class that would take us to Montepulciano, Italy. During this 6 week course away from home, we found ourselves getting to know each other even more on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. We developed a new relationship for ourselves and moved into our adult careers more in love, and more confident with the love we had for one another.

After 7 years, (I know right!) Chris proposed on the date of our first date together. The night previous, we had mimicked our first date to commemorate the fun we had. The following morning we went to church and afterwards Chris popped the question. The rest is history! 

How did you prepare for marriage? We spent a lot of years and time truly getting to know each other, but when we got engaged, we took our Pre-Cana classes with the church. The two full days of pre-marriage counseling really helped us to start asking deeper questions about one another, and it helped us discover ways to make marriage a bit easier. 


Describe your wedding day in one sentence. A fast, hot, blur of the most amazing family and friends supporting us.  

What is your favorite thing about being married? The comfort of knowing that we are here for one another through everything. We are a pretty awesome team. 

What are your favorite pieces from your registry? We were very lucky to receive a grill for a wedding gift and we use it all the time. 

How do you celebrate your love? We reward our relationship with trips and adventures together. Because our schedules often conflict, we make sure that we get a really awesome vacation together at least once a year. We help each other check off our bucket list. 

How do you make your house a home? Sharing love with our family members and our pups is what makes it a home for us. There is nothing like having both sides of our family at our home. It makes it so special for us. 

Tell us how you balance career and marriage. This one is always a work in progress. Having 2 jobs that I am truly passionate about and dedicated to, and Chris having a retail job that he wholehearted loves makes our quality time with each other limited. We see each other every day, so we are very blessed, but it is very often that our schedules conflict. Retail and photography are unpredictable but teaching hours are very concrete. We have to make a point to schedule in time together and we’ve had to learn how to say no. We are both people pleasers, so saying no is not easy for us. Communication is key.

 Tell us how you’ve overcome challenges in your marriage. We are each other’s number one support system. We have the best family, and they give us the support we need as a couple, so this allows us to focus on each other. We are constantly looking for the ways that we can support one another. When we realize that we aren’t doing that, or we realize that one of us is being selfish, we have found it important to tell each other and discuss the situation. As humans we often feel that our significant other can read our minds and that is unrealistic. Sometimes you have to realize that we are not perfect, and we face our challenges. Sometimes we are unhappy and we have to fix it. Everything is not always perfect. It can’t be. You have to have the bad days to remind you how good you actually have it. 

Tell us one way you love on and serve your spouse.

Katelyn: Chris is selfless. He would do anything for me, and sometimes I realize I need to up my game to be on his level. He knows when I am losing it, and will do all the small things for me, so that I can wrap my mind around the one big thing I need to do. 

Chris: Katelyn is my everything. My goal in life is to make her smile and it makes my heart happy to hear her laugh. I am always working to make sure she has something to laugh about. 


Savannah Wedding Vendors: Photography: The Red Fly Studio | Styling: Kara Bettie