Printing Techniques | Cake

At Cake, we currently offer three unique printing options for your paper goods: Flat, Letterpress and Foil. Today, we will be explaining each method in detail to help you better decide which option(s) will work best for you!

Flat Printing

Process Time (Including Design): 2-4 weeks

The fastest and least expensive of these three methods is Flat Printing. Items are run through digital inkjet or laser printers. We recommend this option for all place card, table card, and escort card orders, as Letterpress and Foil Printing would require a separate plate for each name or number. If your project features a photograph, Flat Printing is the only method that can produce a photorealistic replication - Think posters, magazines, etc. It is also a perfect option for budget-minded clients who don't want to sacrifice on custom design.


Letterpress Printing

Process Time (Including Design): 6-10 weeks

Dating back to the 15th century, letterpress is the original method of printing. Every order is printed in-house by a skilled pressman. Each piece is hand-fed into an antique press one at a time, giving it character that cannot be replicated with modern machinery. Ink colors are mixed by hand before being applied to the press. Photopolymer plates with raised designs are inked and then pressed onto soft, cotton paper. This recessed quality of design into paper is the distinct characteristic that defines Letterpress Printing - Perfect for items your guests will be holding, such as invitations, save the dates, ceremony programs, and menus. Letterpress Printing is a wonderful way to display quality and luxury throughout your wedding paper goods.

Foil Printing

Process Time (Including Design): 8-10 weeks

The printing option with the largest investment is Foil Printing. With reflective elements, it can also have the largest impact! Like letterpress, this method features custom plates for printing. However, most Foil Printing plates are required to be made out of copper. The printing process involves a letterpress with a heat element, which transfers the foil to your paper. We recommend this method for printing on dark paper stocks or for anyone looking to add shine to their paper goods.

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