Romantic Savannah Elopement

A romantic Savannah elopement, just the two of them! Read on to learn more about the couple’s romantic love story and see all the special moments captured by Izzy Hudgins Photography

Tell us your love story. My husband Rock and I met in Hawaii on a golf course. We did not know each other but worked for the same company, who's function was being held at the course. Midday the rain started and I stood behind him to block me from the sideways downpour that the North Shore of Oahu is often subject to. And that was it - we parted ways and didn't know anything about each other not even a name. About 4 months later he was still on my mind when I had dinner with another coworker. I happened to asked this coworker if he knew who the "Hawaii guy" was based on my description of him and as it turned out they were friends. A few weeks later thanks to some friendly match making, Rock and I went on our first date. As they say the rest is history or in this case just chapter one of our love story. 

How did you prepare for marriage? Rock and I have always been a good match so we always knew that marriage was something we both wanted with each other. Unlike a lot of other couples there was not a big anticipated lead up to the BIG DAY - we didn't want to be with anyone else and we've always been that great pair. 

Why did you decide to elope? I have never been the girl who wanted the big wedding and Rock would say the same about himself. When we reflected on other weddings we had attended we realized that often times weddings become about appeasing others (family, friends, etc). At the end of the day we wanted just one day just to be us- Rock & Lacey. So that is what we did with full support of our family we had a wonderful day where it was just about the two of us. 

Describe your wedding day in one sentence. Warm hearts on the coldest day in Savannah.  

What is your favorite thing about being married? Rock and I are very proud of each other both personally and professionally. We have both have accomplished a lot and we're very proud to be each other's the "other half". And its nice to always have someone to share your Key Lime Pie with.


Savannah Wedding Vendors: Officiant: Steve Schulte | Photography: Izzy Hudgins PhotographyVenue: Brockington Hall