Stylish Engagement Session at Forsyth Park

Today's stylish duo visited Savannah one year, instantly fell in love and quickly decided it needed to become their home! Joan, Cody and Ramis met Jessica Roberts for a casual (yet stylish!) engagement session across downtown Savannah. Next spring, these two are getting married at Soho South with the help of, Beloved Vendor, Gray Harper Event Maker and if it's anything like their engagement session, we can't wait to see all the fabulous details! 

"Joan and Cody have a dog named Ramis who attended the session and took all of the attention! They wanted their session to have a casual feel, more of what they would do during an evening downtown and that's exactly what we did. We took Ramis for a walk at Forsyth Park, we strolled around Monterey Square and just stopped in places that caught our attention. It was such an effortless evening, and these guys were naturals behind the camera. 

The attire of the day was built around Joan's perfect dress, and with the help of a friendly gentleman at J. Crew, Cody was dressed to match!" - Jessica, Photographer

Savannah Wedding Vendor: PHOTOGRAPHY Jessica Roberts Photography