To the Moon and Back

Samantha and Dominic met in college at the University of Florida and dated for 8 years before saying "I do" at the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. Their love saying is "to the moon and back" and we love how they incorporated it throughout their special day. Yesterday we shared their engagement beautifully captured by Izzy Hudgins. Now here's the wedding!

How we prepared for marriage: I think our relationship experience has been the best preparation for marriage we could have had. We have both gone through so many major life-changes - reveling in the college experience, going to graduate school, being far apart but making it work (probably the most challenging part), moving in together and getting married, and then moving to a new town for the both of us - in the past decade we've experienced many of the milestones people take much longer to go through. Though it's sometimes been a challenge, we've always risen above all of them and done so holding hands and stronger together. We may not have had any "marriage coaching" classes, but loving each other through the past decade helped us develop into the best partner to each other that we can be. 

How I would describe our wedding day in one sentence: I'll top you with one sentence (kind of!) and give you one word - FAVORITE!  It was my favorite way to begin my marriage with my favorite person, surrounded by my favorite people, our friends and family.  As we approach our one year anniversary in March, I keep asking if we can do it again! And then he reminds me of all the planning it took (haha!). I have never had so much fun in one day. If you haven't seen Izzy's photos of our reception, you can see the joy on everyone's face - not just ours, but our guests still talk about how much fun they had and how good the food is in the Deep South. 

Our favorite thing about being married: How funny you asked! At brunch this past weekend, we were chatting over mimosas while waiting to be seated and decided to play the "question game" where you take turns asking and answering each others' questions - one of mine this week was exactly that!

Dominic's response: Being actually husband and wife. He said that after so many years of courting, and after a year and a half of being engaged, that he was so ready to call me his wife and have reached that milestone in our relationship. 

My response: Really understanding what it meant to love someone unconditionally even if they can make you crazy sometimes. I was brought up the only child in my home, so I never understood how siblings could be fighting like cats one minute and laughing the next like nothing had ever happened. Since we've been married, it's been amazing but of course occasionally being around someone all the time wears on you. Even if we bicker or frustrate one another, it's over and forgotten - I finally get that kind of love where it doesn't matter what the small issue is - the big important thing is that we love each other and have each other's back.

Savannah Wedding Vendors: Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography | Venue: Tybee Island Wedding Chapel | Planner: First City Events | Makeup: Lindsey Wirht | Officiant: Rev. Joe Wadas | Florals: A to Zinnias | Catering: Creative Catering | Videographers: Binding Media