Why You Should Hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

Trying to decide between a Wedding Planner and a Day-of Wedding Coordinator? Jodi from Savannah Wedding Dreams is sharing why hiring a Day-of Coordinator may be the best fit for you!

You’re engaged! Now what? This is a question I am asked all the time. So many brides are lost on how to start planning. My first piece of advice is to start early! It is very important to start planning as soon as possible and I highly recommend a wedding planner for brides that really don’t like the planning process or if you are a bride that just wants a Day-of Coordinator.

I am asked all the time what does a Day-of Coordinator do? A day of coordinator is a very important step to the planning process. Your Day-of Coordinator will help with recommending trustworthy wedding vendors and take care of logistics on the day of the wedding. Planning a wedding can be fun and a lot of brides really enjoy it! You get to pick out cakes, go to taste testing’s, choose flowers and with Pinterest at your fingertips, planning and designing can be so much fun!

So now to the question what does a Day-of Coordinator do? Why are they so important? You have had so much fun planning everything you have your beautiful dress and you are ready to get married. Most brides want to sit in the room and get hair and make-up done, drink champagne and laugh with their bridesmaids. This is the most special day of your life. This is your day! This will happen if you have a Day-of Coordinator. A Day-of Coordinator will touch base with all your vendors a month before your wedding. This is when questions are asked to ensure your day runs smooth. This is also important because no matter how good you are at planning, in real life, things go wrong. Your Day-of Coordinator will fix whatever problem arises, so you, or your family, doesn’t have to. The Day of Coordinator will also help you with your timeline and make sure all vendors deliver on time and place things where they need to be.

The timeline is essential for your wedding day to run smooth. The band needs to know when your first dance is. When is dinner? When should we cut the cake? Who cuts the cake for guests? When does the flower girl walk down the aisle? There are so many different questions that need to be addressed on your wedding day and your Day-of Coordinator will answer all of these for you. That way, you can relax and enjoy this special day. Do you really want to be directing vendors, doing tablecloths, setting up your cake, gifts, food, send off tables?

I always tell my brides this is the most important day of your life, so why chance it to fate? Why not have that peace of mind going into it that your wedding day will be perfect. You have done so much hard work who is going to execute it?  Your Day-of Coordinator will make sure your dream wedding comes to life!

Savannah Wedding Vendor: Day of Coordinator: Savannah Wedding Dreams | Photography: The Happy Bloom