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Category: Honeymoon

I plan custom honeymoons to fit your unique needs.  Finding the perfect destination can be a handful, especially for a busy bride.   Let me offer my expertise, style, and service to you for free!  Why spend countless hours looking for your ideal travel destination and the best rates?  I'll do the research for you. 

I have happily worked in the travel industry for almost 10 years.  Prior to moving to Savannah, my days were filled with planning corporate retreats and beach weddings at a beautiful resort on the Oregon coast.  I tossed the sand filled high heels and have fully embraced planning my client's dream vacations. I'm partnered with a leader in the travel industry, VIP Vacations Inc.  We have great relationships with resorts around the world.  What better way to receive royal treatment, upgrades, and special amenities.

Tell me your budget and interest then I’ll do the rest.  Let me worry about planning the dining reservations, excursions, or perfect itinerary.

Swoon with me over the most romantic travel destinations.  All for the LOVE of travel!

Favorite thing about Savannah weddings? 

Savannah is one of my favorite travel destinations.  It is the perfect location for a charming southern wedding.  It feels like a destination wedding in your own backyard!